Revamping All The things

For years I have been trying to edit my patterns properly. I really never get around to it. I decided for 2018 that this will be what I am going to do. However I had this in my head for so long I wanted to get started ASAP and actually do it. I started last week. I have so far edited and corrected some patterns. I am starting at the squares and working through the kitchen items. I have also doled out the testing and editing for my scarf patterns to Hev & Grace. My Mom is making the potholders I have patterns for and letting me use pictures for them in the pattern revamp. I have the hope that by the Summer of 2018 it will be all done – however I plan on it being done by the end of 2018.

I also decided to revamp my site a bit. I will no longer have personal blog posts on the main site. I plan on making another blog as I kinda figured out how to use WP Multi-site thing they have. I am doing this because I am sure people really don’t want to hear me brag about the mount I got from the fel-spotted egg in WoW and stuff like that. When I get it set up I will link it somewhere on the site.

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