Sophie’s Universe CAL – DONE!

I have finally finished my Sophie’s Universe CAL!  It took me 9 months to finish it.  Yet it is not completely done – nor will it ever be.  When I started I planned on doing the WHOLE thing.  But as time went on and I got irritated with all the intricate stitches and whatnot  (like have 8 ‘sides’ there fore a while) I decided it would be done when It got to the spot that was plain crochet stitch around the whole thing.  I then put it down for a few months – couldn’t stand working on it anymore.  I was 3 skeins in of each color and got rather bored (knitting was fun again & made more socks as per usual).  Last few weeks I decided I wanted to finish this.  Get it over with.  I worked on it until the 3rd skeins were gone and needed to buy more.  I also figured out where to stop the blanket.  I stopped it at the end of part 13.  Part 14 I think is where the butterfly band is. I then got the idea maybe I should do the butterfly band.  However after looking at it for awhile and remembering it is like the Butterfly Square I have made before I realized it would be stretchy.  Especially since before that part the blanket is rather heavy.  I also had issues dealing with how ‘plain’ it was all of a sudden.  I am guess it is my OCD affecting this decision but it just looked out of place with the all of a sudden plain.  I will never make this again.  Not because its a horrible pattern.  It is an awesome pattern.  It just irritated me that much to make.  However if I had to make it again – I would for only a few people.  I would also choose more then 3 colors.

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