I Really Did It

Since the end of The LIch King expansion pack for World of Warcraft I have played said game.  That is the most commitment I’ve put into something other then being a parent (and lets admit it – if you know me – you know I’m a horrible parent).  My first achievement in the game was gotten in 2010 during the halloween event.  All through this time I have had 1 character.  My first character I was serious about.  She was a warlock.  She was beautiful.  It sealed my love for the game and my choice at being horde.  I refused to explore other classes and races until about 4 years later – with the exception of blood elves.

Teranca was her name for the entire time.  She was an Undead (Forsaken) Warlock lead by the lovely Lady Sylvanas.  She started her life because my oldest son could not get passed the pumpkin quest in the secondary starting area for the Undead.  I believe it is still there after the ravmp of quests that happened in the Cataclysm expansion.  I swore I would NEVER EVER change her except for her hair and face (as can be done at a barber shop) until they let Draeneis be warlocks.  Then yesterday happened.  I got tired of waiting.  I have over the past 2 years been converted to an alliance player.  I still play horde but hardly ever.   I wanted my character that had been with me through it all to be alliance with me.  Yesterday I faction changed her from horde to alliance.  I made her a Dwarf Warlock.  I have only seen maybe 1 or 2 Dwarf Warlocks  the entire time I have played World of Warlock.  Her name is now Käresta.  I’m 99% sure it is Swedish for darling sweetheart.  You can also be guaranteed that as soon as Draeneis can be Warlocks and I can afford it she will be race changed to a Draenei.

Undead Warlock & Dwarf Warlock

Here is a little rant I’ve had brewing for years.  I doubt Blizzard will ever let Draeneis be warlocks though with the next expansion I think it would be a perfect time since we’re ‘beating’ the Legion this expansion. I could see a perfect way to let them do this. With the next expansion offer a new type of warlock. Eredar who got tired of being controlled by the Legion. They would be various shades of red as they are in game. Warlock are essentially made out of everything the Legion is except they control it – why not let the Eredar find a path to redemption in becoming Warlocks who server Azeroth?

*SPOILER ALERT* If they can let a Night Elf Priest become a Night Elf Paladin then why can this not happen?  To see the Night Elf change do the Paladin class line.

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