The Blanket Update

It’s been a month since I posted Making Blankets.  I’ve been working on them slowly but surely.  Here is an update on where I am with them.  I am even adding a new one to the mix.  You know because I need more to do.

Lotus Moon Blanket
I decided to only make 4 squares then do the Around The Bases (ATB) CAL.  I’ll be working on that soon so next update you will have an updated picture with a few innings of the CAL done.

Neon Stripes Blanket
As of this picture this blanket is 24 tall before starting on the 4th skein.  This means I will only need 6 skeins total of the neon stripes.  I’m excited about this because I wanted to make a few knitted things with this yarn to see the stripes that way.

Pinkish Blanket
The other day I was thinking about how the blanket would be square or rectangle.  After asking Grace and Hev what they thought I decided on to make it square.  I put the 9 squares I had together and plan on evening the sides so each side is the same amount of stitches.  I have no idea what I am going to do past that though.

Sophies Universe
I haven’t updated this at all.  It requires me not to need to stop in the middle of a row and I really haven’t been able to do that.

Hevs’ Test
A month or so ago I saw a blanekt I wanted to do but I didn’t want to spend the money on the pattern as I wasn’t sure I would actually make it.  Hev came up with a design like it.  I finished the 1st strip yesterday.  I am going to do do a few more strips with a variation c8f & c8b.  I’m hoping it will be entirely different then the blanket I wanted to do so Hev could sell the pattern if she so chose to.

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