Making Blankets

I have 4 more blankets that I am making.  They will be Christmas gifts eventually.  They are all in the beginning stages so not much to see yet.

Lotus Moon Blanket
I was going to use the Lotus Moon Tiles pattern.  I was actually dreading making the bits & bobs that went with it.  With that I decided to just make the Lotus Moon Square pattern instead.  I will make 12 squares and add to it as needed for the size needed.  There will be 4 different flowers – ocean/soft navy, cherry red/burgandy – those 4 colors will make up the 4 flowers.  I will need 3 in each ‘color scheme’.


Neon Stripes Blanket
First I need to say I will need 4 more skeins of the Neon Stripes color way to make the blanket at least 56 inches tall.  There will be 7 ‘panels’ of 15 rows.  Each panel will have 1 row of black and 14 rows of neon stripes.  A skein of neon stripes is 14 rows exactly.



A Pinkish Blanket
I found 5 colors that go well together – 3 pinks, a brown, and a black color.  I am going to make 20 different 12 inch squares and add borders were needed for size.  I might keep this one despite it being pink.  I love how the colors go together.



Sophies’ Universe
I haven’t touched this in over a month I believe. If I would just keep working on it I would get it done in no time.  It’s just so big and rather irritating to me.  I am going to work it until it’s squared.  If I remember right it was a few weeks of clues before the final clue I was going to work to.  While I love the look of it I doubt I’ll ever make another.

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