Amarathine 9 Inch Crochet Block

This square was designed for Hevs blanket I am making her. She’s a great friend. One sometimes I have no idea what I would do without.

Pattern may be stiff and/or wavy until it is turned into a square. This is intended as Hev lives where it snows. This would be a good solid square for those who don’t like big holes in their squares or like solid squares.

Pattern written using American terms. If you have translated the pattern to another language or to UK terms please let me know. I’d love to add a PDF for others to use. You will get credit for helping out.

If you have any problems making this square please check out my group here on Ravelry – Knittery In the Crochet or use the contact form at the bottom of the Patterns Page.

Purchasing Information

This is for the sale of a written pattern only NOT a completed crocheted square. Please see the Copyright Information Page for any information or questions you may have.

The price for this pattern is $1.55 USD. It can be purchased at Ravelry, Etsy, & Crasftsy

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